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Training for Aesthetics

Training for Aesthetics

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For the past 4+ years this is what I have been building..

If you wish to build a great physique, this is one way to do it.

My program consists of everything I do including:

40+ pages of training advice - 

Chapter 1: Proportion & Symmetry 

Chapter 2: High Intensity Training

Chapter 3: Training Frequency

Chapter 4: Back Day

Chapter 5: Chest/Shoulder Day

Chapter 6: Leg Day

Chapter 7: Arm Day 

Chapter 8: Abdominals

What else is included inside?

- My personal notes on everything

- Pictures w/ explanations of proper form

- Debunking modern-day training myths

This program is how you will build an AESTHETIC physique.

This is the program that will change your life if you let it..



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Customer Reviews

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Artur Parshin
Great job

An excellent training program for people who put health first. A lot of work with free weights, a balanced plan. The program is suitable for almost everyone, because it contains basic information and well-chosen exercises. It would be interesting to see the your version of the warm-up before training. Thank you for the work done, Kenny will have a great future!