My Story

I began going to the gym back in the fall of 2018 after being
cut from the college baseball team as a freshman. It was my
first semester of college and living away from home. I didn’t
really fit in anywhere at the time. I was no longer on the
baseball team, I didn’t like to party, and I was always kind
of a quiet guy. I enjoyed being alone.

When it came to working out and lifting weights, I really
only did it for baseball training in the off-season and I never
maintained it into the season of play.

It wasn’t until one night in early October when I was
alone in my dorm room watching YouTube videos, that I
found out about natural bodybuilding. The first famous
bodybuilder I came across was none other than Steve
Reeves. I had never seen anything like him before. He had
the perfect blend of proportion, symmetry, and size. I was
inspired the moment I saw his physique.

That very night I ordered his book on training, diet, and
lifestyle and as soon as it arrived, I was in the gym following
everything that he did.

Although my training methods have changed quite a bit
since then, I still follow the basic routines and beliefs that
he covered in his book.

These beliefs, along with my four and a half years of
training, have led me to this moment.