How to Get Massive Arms | the natural way

How to Get Massive Arms | the natural way

How to Get Massive Arms

The Natural Way

It is possible for you to have big arms without being at a high body fat % and also without hopping on the sauce. Besides what all these delusional fitness influencers tell you about arm size and what’s big and what’s not considered big, anything over 14 inches is above average.

A lot of these fitness guys talk about how if you’re under 18 inches your arms are small and that’s just bullshit. You can develop a beautiful set of pythons and literally be only 13/14 inches. The beauty in the arm is all about the proportion, the leanness, and the illusion. I am going to dive into each of these topics in this video extensively and inform you on how to achieve all three of these.

But first, my personal background. I’ve been training for just about five years non-stop and have grown my arms from 13.5 inches to 16.2 and that’s a 16.2 with no pump. It only took me about a year to get to 15 inches so these last 3 and a half years I have only seen a little over an inch of growth in my arms. I personally believe that my full genetic output is 17 inches and that I am going to need to work much more on the long head of my tricep to eventually achieve this.

I was able to get to over 16 inches naturally so there is no need for you to hop on steroids for this. Never would I ever encourage someone to hop on any type of performance enhancing drug. I am completely against that.



So first up we have proportion. Proportion is basically the size of each muscle in relation to the rest of the body. In the case of your arms, you have the bicep, the tricep, the shoulder, and of course the forearm. It is well-known that the tricep makes up most of the arm, about 2/3’s of it, so if we want to build the biggest arms possible we need to make sure we are working our triceps the most.

Now that’s not to say to ignore all the other parts. You need to focus on every single group equally. I’m just stating that the tricep is the biggest region so you shouldn’t neglect it.

This is because the tricep consists of the lateral head, the medial head, and the long head. The long head, as I was speaking of before, is the biggest. You can be a guy who just works his long head and your arms can get quite big even though you don’t even work any of the other heads of the tricep. But, you don’t want to do this, because it won’t look the best it can. You need to be working every single head of the tricep.


The Lateral Head

To develop the lateral head you need to be doing a dumbbell one-arm cross-over. So for this, lay back on the bench with a comfortable weighted dumbbell, have your upper arm remaining still as you bring the dumbbell down to your other shoulder. Repeat on the other side.

Another great workout to develop the lateral head is the behind-the-neck French press. Grab a decently heavy dumbbell, hold onto it with your palms facing the ceiling, keep your elbows close to your ears, and lower the dumbbell as far as you can to get a good stretch.

One of my personal favorites is a rope push-down. Load up the pulley machine with your selected weight, grab the rope attachment, bring it down in line with lower chest, keep elbows in this position, and push down.

The Medial Head

For the Medial Head, I would first recommend doing a close-grip bench press. Grab the barbell with a narrow grip, keep arms tucked close to body, come down, repeat.

Another great workout for this is the dumbbell or barbell skull crushers. Lay back on the bench with your weight, keep elbows straight, don’t flare them out, Lowe weight without moving elbows, bring weight back up. I have found best results by not completely locking out my elbows.

The Long Head

The skull crushers will also work the long head as well which is why I love doing them.

However, my favorite workout to build the long head is the weighted dip. Grab a bench and a weight, put weight on your lap, hands on the bench with fingers facing forward, drop down close to the bench, and then up.


Okay, now for the biceps. You have the long head, the short head, and the biceps brachialis. I’m not going to really cover which workout targets which because it’s not very important when it comes to biceps. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you have one workout targeting the supinated curl, one workout targeting the un-supinated curl, and also one workout targeting the peak.

The first workout I recommend everyone should do is the incline dumbbell bench curl. Set up the bench above 50 degrees, lay back, grip dumbbells with the inside of your hands closer to the weight, keep elbows still and close to body during curl movement to achieve the best stretch possible. This will be for the supinated curl position I was referring to.

Another great workout for the supinated curl is a standard barbell curl. Keep elbows tight to your body and bring the weight up. Don’t bend your back at all.

As for the unsupinated curl, I recommend Dumbbell Hammer curls. Keep elbows tight to your body and bring the dumbbells straight up without supinating.

As for the peak bicep workout, I recommend dumbbell concentration curls. Sit on a bench with the dumbbell inside your legs, elbow against the inside of your knee, and slowly bring the dumbbell up. Don’t cheat on any of these workout especially this one. Everything needs to be slow and controlled.


When it comes to forearms I only do one workout and that is the reverse grip forearm curls on the pulley machine. Keep your elbows tight and just curl your wrists downward and go 2 sets to failure. This has worked very well for my forearms and it provides you with some width right here.

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