Full Guide to Raising Your Testosterone

Full Guide to Raising Your Testosterone

Full Guide to Raising Your Testosterone

How to Reach the Top 1%


I wake up one early morning in February of 2023, I’m soft, I always wake up soft, but why? Why is that?

I quit porn over a year ago, I don’t jerk off, I’m working out going to the gym every day, I’m on my “self-improvement” grind, I’m watching Andrew Tate smoke cigars, so why can’t I wake up with morning wood? Why is my testosterone still in the gutter? Why do I feel like an empty shell, of a man?

A guy my age, 50 years ago, who doesn’t even have my physique, had a testosterone level twice mine. Hell, even an old man 50 years ago who needs help wiping his ass had higher testosterone levels than I did on this morning in February just a few months ago.

Why is this the case for me?

I just want to feel like a strong, masculine man. I just want to feel… powerful…

I want to feel… In Control.


In this guide I am going to teach you how I drastically increased my testosterone as a young man. There is going to be no bullshit in this video. I’m not going to tell you cookie cutter advice like “oh get 8 hours of sleep” “oh you just need to workout at least 3 times a week” “oh you need druuuugsss” “you need trt, you need viagra, you need fuckin pills to raise your androgen receptors”

No, you don’t need any of that shit.

The only thing you need to do, is to change your lifestyle.


Part 1: The Power of Belief

The power of belief is going to be our first step to accomplishing higher testosterone levels. And I know what you’re thinking, “the power of belief? What is this some fairytale shit?”

No, it’s not some fairytale shit. Just like research studies that use placebo forms of training their subjects, if you ingrain into your mind that you are something, you’re going to start believing that it is true.

Just look at mainstream media for example. All the major news outlets say the same exact thing. Why do you think that is? It’s not by accident, it’s to persuade you, it’s to get you believing that what they say is true. If they say it enough times, people are eventually going to start believing it right?

So the same thing goes for you. Your first step to increasing your testosterone is to believe that you are in fact a high testosterone guy, no question about it. There can’t be any doubt whatsoever.

Do you think that Hercules doubted his strength before he journeyed on his 12 labors?

You know I played baseball throughout the majority of my life and whenever my team felt like we were going to lose, guess what, we lost.

What we think up here is what provides us with the energy to take action. This is why I wanted to cover this first in this video before I got into the rest of the steps. You can follow all of the the things that I am about to talk about but you will get no where if you simple can’t believe that it is possible for you to change.

People live every day without changing. Why do you think 99% of the population is either broke, fat, or miserable? It’s primarily because they don’t believe that they have the ability inside themselves to change. I can talk all day about how the government is poisoning you with the foods you’re eating and all the chemicals they’re pumping into the air and the water. I can literally show you factual evidence and research about all this shit and guess what?

You still won’t change.

Because guess what? It’s too hard. It takes too much work. People are going to judge me for trying to be different. I’m not going to have any friends. I’m going to be lonely, I don’t think I can live a life like that so I’d rather just keep consuming the poison, because hey, at least I’ll fit in. At least people will see me as their equal.

This is the mindset of a loser.

And sadly, it’s also the mindset of 99% of the world’s population.

Like I said, people wake up every day with the chance to change, but they choose not to.

Part 2: Forget What You Think You Know

Okay, so you’re on your self-improvement grind, you’re taking cold showers, you’re watching videos on how to make money QUICK. You’re watching Andrew Tate smoke cigars and tell you what it means to be successful. Or you’re watching some other shallow self-improvement guru shove his watch in your face “This is what success looks like, I have high testosterone cuz I have sex with all these nasty ass club chicks bro”

These men are not high testosterone, at least not as high as you can get. Because how could they be?

They are completely indulged in their desires for pleasure. They chase after women for sex. They have a constant need to bust a load. “I’m just a guy man I need it, it’s in my nature”. They buy all the fancy material things because it will raise their status and make them look cool.

That’s not a high testosterone man. A high testosterone man is a guy who simply doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone else thinks of him. He’s not concerned with raising his status through purchasing material things so that he can feel validated. He already knows his worth and doesn’t need you or anyone else to tell him what his worth is.

Like I said, he just doesn’t give a fuck.

He’s going to do what he wants for himself and his loved ones, not for the opinions of others.

And this is how you need to be if you’re going to raise your testosterone.

I know that these first two steps seem very simple, but they’re not. If they were so simple everyone would have already done them. Everyone talks about these first two steps but no one actually does them. NOBODY. And It’s because they are slaves to the opinions of others. Now I want you to look in your mirror and ask yourself this question.

“Do I care what other people think about me?”

Chances are that you do. So you need to stop that shit. Let go. No one actually cares what you do with your life. Most people are entirely selfish anyway and only care about their little bubbles that they’re in. They might say things about you behind your back but that’s just because they have nothing else to talk about. So they just tear others down. They’re the crabs in the barrel. You know the one crab is trying to get out and they just pull him back to the bottom.


Part 3: Stress

So this is a continuation of the last part and it’s going to be quite brief, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important.

Your stress levels can impact you very significantly. Stress doesn’t only clog your mind and put blinders on you, it also kills your testosterone. If you’re trying to make love to your woman and your mind is so pre-occupied with credit card payments, work assignments, whatever. You will not be able to perform.

So I highly advise you to cut out all of the things in your life that are causing you stress. This can be people, places you have to be, things you have to do, whatever. Just cut it out.


Part 4: Get Up and Move

Continued on my Youtube channel later in the week!

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